Do you want to own a piece of Berkeley Bulldog Football history?

You can purchase a practice jersey from previous seasons and own a bit of Berkeley Bulldog football history. The red, black and even Jerseys of Shame (faded red jerseys borrowed and worn by players who periodically forgot their own practice jerseys on almost a daily basis) will be available for purchase on the evening of the banquet and throughout the rest of this school year.

Price is as follows:

Single Jerseys Sales

Red (with BULLDOGS on chest): $10.00

Black (with BERKELEY on chest: $7.00

Jersey of Shame (with bulldog logo on sleeves): $3.00

Combination of multiple Jerseys

If you buy both a red and black jersey, the combined price is $15.00

If you buy a Red and Jersey of Shame, the combined price is $12.00

If you buy a Black and Jersey of shame, the combined price is $9.00

If you buy all three, the combined price is $17.00

You pick the number you want. Preference will go to the game jersey number you had for this season. Just like the selection of game jersey numbers this season, if there is a conflict on numbers, the tie-breaker goes to this season’s returning 8th graders, 8th graders and then 7th graders. We don’t have every number in each set of jerseys, but between them all, we have most every number we have for game jerseys.

The money raised through the jersey sales will go to the purchase of new practice jerseys for next year’s team. The goal is to have one set of practice jerseys that are reversible (red and black), lighter weight and shorter length. These characteristics will allow for the jerseys to be reversed for when we scrimmage amongst the team, not as hot in the summer and short enough so they don’t have to be tucked in (again, cooler in the summer).

Sorry, cash ONLY and NO IOUs. Sales will be during the banquet and then throughout the winter and spring on a schedule to be developed. Don’t miss your chance to own a piece of Bulldog history and keep a small token to remember your time as part of the Berkeley Bulldog Football Team!!

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Berkeley Bulldog Football Mantra
Playing football for Berkeley Middle School is a privilege, and as such the opportunity to be a member of the team is in the hands of each and every player. You must bring the combination of will, skill and attitude to the field every day. Hard work, disciplined actions and a commitment to the program will result in guaranteed success. In the end, we will enjoy a sense of pride in our team, each other, our community and our entire school. The fall 2017 season is a another chance to build upon past season's successes that Bulldog football players showed both on and off the field.
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