Grafton Post-Game Notes

As is starting to be the norm, vice an exception, I would once again like to start with an apology.  This time it is for the lack of a 5th quarter scrimmage at the end of the game yesterday, for the second time this season. We realize for the players that only got to play on special teams and more importantly those that didn’t even get to step on to the field except to warm up, that this is discouraging after practicing hard all week and doing everything we ask of them. It’s a terrible feeling to look into their eyes as we close out the game and prepare for the 5th quarter, to then have to tell them that the other team has changed their minds. I had personally exchanged texts with the Grafton Head Coach at 1:00 pm yesterday to include that based on Grafton’s numbers that they would have to play many of their starters in the 5th quarter, to which I agreed to. At the end of the game, we agreed to only 10 plays each side, offense and defense, due to safety associated with it getting dark. However, as we headed to our teams, the Grafton Athletic Director stepped in and announced he was in charge and told their coach to address his team and get on the bus – they would not be playing a 5th quarter. I have since reached out to their head coach and he apologized for how this all played out. Again, I’m sorry we had players that diligently supported the team all week, during the game, but were not rewarded with being able to play in a fifth quarter.

It continues to be amazing how many families and supporters of the team that we have on our sidelines for each game.  It is something that the players and coaches notice as the game is about to begin and appreciate as we hear all of you behind us cheering and supporting every play. Also as we’ve stated continuously this season, we will continue to take one game at a time and focus on what is in front of us and that which we can directly influence…the next game!

A special thanks goes out to Chase Harris’ and Nick Garcia’s families who provided the halftime snacks. Although it was cooler yesterday, many players didn’t drink enough water and so the fruit certainly helped us fight off cramp issues that we had for a few athletes. Likewise, thank you to Brook’s Coleman’s, Mike Julien’s, Chris Dawson’s, Jackson Zahn’s, Jack Smith’s and Nick Garcia’s families for providing the after-game meal, chips and drinks upon the completion of the game last night. We all greatly appreciate the time, effort and monetary support for the entire program, no matter the outcome of each week’s game. As continues to be the case all season, we also want to take a moment to thank Mrs. Coleman for setting up and managing the Meal/Snack program and keeping control of our frenzied sidelines as well as Mr. Outten for his filming skills as our team videographer. Thanks to the family members who helped out on the chains for the game as well. Don’t forget, your entrance fee of $3.00 is waived if you agree to help out on the chains. Finally, want to thank Campbell Burden, formerly the voice of the Bulldog Morning Announcements two years ago for helping us out by announcing during the game yesterday.

Today (Wednesday, the 18th of October) we will adhere to our normal schedule by reviewing film right after school with a will release of all players by 5:00 pm for pick up or the opportunity to ride the Activity Bus. Based on the current weather forecast, we plan to practice our normal Thursday until 6:00 pm and Friday from 12:45 to 3:30 due to the half-day of school.

As the number of our players continues to dwindle, a special thank you goes out to all our families and players for their commitment and dedication in adhering to the standards of the football program and Berkeley Middle School. Now more than ever, we need everyone available as we go into these last two games of the season. We invite everyone to join us for a kick off at 4:30 pm on Tuesday the 24th of October against Hornsby Middle School at the Berkeley Middle School field. More details on the next game will follow this weekend/early next week as we get closer to kick off. At this point, it looks like the playoff game on the 28th of October will be at Wanner Stadium, here in Williamsburg vice the previously announced New Kent High School. Again, more to follow on that as we get closer to that game.

Close Out Notes: (1) For those that ordered t-shirts and sweatshirts on line or with cash/checks, we expect the items in next Monday. For those who paid in cash/checks, as soon as they arrive, we’ll get them out to everyone. (2) There was a pair of black Izod dress pants that were inadvertently picked up off the floor of the locker room by one of the players after the game last night. Based on the size, there are only three or four players who could fit them, so it was clearly a case of grabbing items off the floor and jamming it into the wrong bag. Please return them to one of the coaches at the equipment room when/if found. (3) Don’t forget about this Friday and next Friday early school release with practice from 12:45 to 3:30. There will be NO activity bus on these early release days. (4) We will check this week to see if there is any info on when the school-sponsored pictures taken a few weeks ago will be in. As soon as they arrive, we’ll get them out ASAP.


Your Berkeley Bulldog Coaching Staff

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Berkeley Bulldog Football Mantra

Playing football for Berkeley Middle School is a privilege, and as such the opportunity to be a member of this team is completely in the control of each and every player. You must bring the combination of will, skill and attitude to the field and classroom every day. Hard work, disciplined actions and a commitment to the program will absolutely result in guaranteed success. In the end, together, we will enjoy a sense of pride in our team, each other, our community and our entire school. Each and every season is a another chance to build upon past season’s successes that past and present Bulldog football players have shown both on and off the field.

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