New Kent Game Info – September 19th at 5:30 pm

Please note, this week’s game is 5:30 pm kick off. Game will be played at the New Kent High School field, which is located between the Middle School and the High School. The address is: .

This week and for the rest of the season, the players will dress up for Tuesday in school prior to the game later that afternoon. As we discussed in the Parent/Guardian’s meeting, we will wear a button-down shirt and a tie (or bow-tie) on game days in school. All the players know that if they do not have a tie, they can see Coach Valenti and he has plenty of spare ties that he is willing to loan out to our players.

It will most likely be a late night since we don’t kick off until 5:30. Add in we plan to play our normal 5th quarter scrimmage after the game and it will equate to a likely return of around 8:30 pm. We will then get our game pants and jerseys turned in for cleaning and then dismiss the team to grab their post-game meal.

We look forward to a great turn out of Bulldog fans as we take on New Kent in our first meeting since last year’s championship game.


Coach M

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Berkeley Bulldog Football Mantra
Playing football for Berkeley Middle School is a privilege, and as such the opportunity to be a member of the team is in the hands of each and every player. You must bring the combination of will, skill and attitude to the field every day. Hard work, disciplined actions and a commitment to the program will result in guaranteed success. In the end, we will enjoy a sense of pride in our team, each other, our community and our entire school. The fall 2017 season is a another chance to build upon past season's successes that Bulldog football players showed both on and off the field.
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