Tabb Game Info – September 12th at 4:30 pm

All, waited a little longer than usual to post the info on this game as the weather situation has unfolded over the past several days.

Location: Tabb Middle School,

Time: 4:30 pm kick off

Time line: We will depart from BMS at 3:00 pm on school provided bus to travel to Tabb. Upon arrival we will carry equipment to the field, put on pads and get warmed up. Game should be complete by just after 6:15 pm and we expect to return to BMS by around 7:00 pm. At that time we will have players turn in their game jerseys and pants for washing and they will be released to receive their after-game meal and depart for home.

Notes: Players will receive their game jerseys this afternoon to wear them to school tomorrow. This will be for just our first game of the season. PLEASE make sure they wear them to school on Tuesday so they have them to wear to the game later on in the day. The players asked if they could wear BLACK socks instead of our normal red and the coaches have agreed. When we asked if all players could provide black socks instead of the red, all said they could. Please make sure the socks are at least mid-calf if not fully up to knees. Should weather again become an issue, we will notify everyone as soon as we are told. Not too sure there are bleachers on the field, so would recommend bringing your own chair.

We look forward to everyone showing up tomorrow and supporting us against Tabb!


Coach M

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Berkeley Bulldog Football Mantra

Playing football for Berkeley Middle School is a privilege, and as such the opportunity to be a member of this team is completely in the control of each and every player. You must bring the combination of will, skill and attitude to the field and classroom every day. Hard work, disciplined actions and a commitment to the program will absolutely result in guaranteed success. In the end, together, we will enjoy a sense of pride in our team, each other, our community and our entire school. Each and every season is a another chance to build upon past season’s successes that past and present Bulldog football players have shown both on and off the field.

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