Team Meal and Snack Sign Up Info

All, here is the link for the team meal and snack sign up that was discussed at the Parent/Guardian meeting last month. There was an email sent on this earlier this morning, however am posting this here for those without email or whose message was kicked back due to an error.

Please feel free to share this with friends and family in the local area that might be interested in supporting the team this season. This link works with mobile devices as well.

Remember, first game is at Tabb next Tuesday. Any questions on the Team Meal and Snack program, please contact Amy Coleman at or 757-876-5743.

Thanks for you continued support this season,

Coach M

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Berkeley Bulldog Football Mantra
Playing football for Berkeley Middle School is a privilege, and as such the opportunity to be a member of the team is in the hands of each and every player. You must bring the combination of will, skill and attitude to the field every day. Hard work, disciplined actions and a commitment to the program will result in guaranteed success. In the end, we will enjoy a sense of pride in our team, each other, our community and our entire school. The fall 2017 season is a another chance to build upon past season's successes that Bulldog football players showed both on and off the field.
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